3D Laser Scanning/Robotic Layout

August Winter & Sons remains on the cutting edge of technological advances made in the construction industry. Two of the more exciting advancements in the industry have been the use of total station robotic layout and 3D laser scanning. 

Currently, we have three robotic layout stations. These layout stations are vital to keeping the field and office staff ahead of fast paced projects. Our field staff can layout Underground plumbing, concrete hanger inserts, equipment, pads, footings, and even trade partners components with confidence. 

The most recent technological tool August Winter has invested in is 3D Laser Scanning. We utilize the latest Leica scanning technology to develop extremely accurate point cloud files of complex areas to develop working 3D models. These “existing condition” 3D models allow our designers and VDC team to bring the job site back to the office! The time and accuracy gained assures customers the best possible design is developed for their needs.