In 1929 August Winter & Sons was established by August and his two sons, Wally and Roy.  Family was the culture and foundation our company was built on, and this family culture is vital within our current workforce. Safety is one of our company’s core values; passed down from employee to employee similar to a family tradition. Safety is no mistake and our employees prove that every day.

August Winter’s goal is to take care of our most important asset, our employees. This is done with a multifaceted approach:

  • On-going safety and professional training.
  • On-going hazard assessments with feedback.
  • Regular job safety audits.
  • Mentoring at every level.

At August Winter, we take it personally to watch out for each other and take care to ensure that safety is never missed. This is extended to all personnel on the jobsite: all contractors, clients, and visitors. We instill in every employee, at all levels, the personal responsibility to step up when there are any safety concerns. We seek input and feedback from all corners of the company to improve safety policy and procedures. Safety is the backbone that keeps the Winter family running efficiently, effectively, and productively.