About Us

The August Winter & Sons history began in Appleton in 1929. It was then that August, a pipefitter by trade, started the company with his two sons, Roy and Wally. The three confronted their shared dream with limited resources but also with limitless hope and firm convictions about the nature and importance of quality. In its earliest years, the company worked to position itself in the residential market, surviving the hardships and tensions brought first by the Great Depression and then by World War II.

When the war ended, August Winter & Sons responded with renewed drive and enthusiasm, constructing a new building in 1946. Not long after, the company repositioned itself in the marketplace when, in 1951, it accepted a contract for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning at a local school. The contract was pivotal, for it marked entrance to the commercial, institutional, and industrial markets that have been part of the company’s journey ever since.

In 1999, August Winter & Sons expanded its dream again, opening a branch office in Wausau. Like their counterparts at the Appleton facility, the Wausau team provides reliable, high quality service in commercial, institutional, and industrial markets. Through the years, the August Winter & Sons, Inc. workforce has grown steadily and they have experienced very low turnover. The company attributes this good fortune to experienced and dedicated employees who, like the company’s founders, consistently make quality their highest priority.

In 2004, August Winter’s completed an addition and remodel project for the steadily growing Service and Controls department. The additional office space to the second level and remodeled first level provides the department necessary resources to consistently provide first-class service to all customers.

Following the completion of the service department’s addition, 2005 saw August Winter complete a dedicated Engineering and Design office space. Recognizing the technological trend in construction engineering and design, owners and management saw that the area be large enough to support future expansion. That decision and foresight proved to be vital in the growth of the engineering and design department. Since the time of project completion, the department has grown from three employees to fourteen.

2014 brought on more changes focused on the tool room and fabrication shop areas. Recognizing the steady growth to the field personnel, August Winter added onto the tool room and adopted an electronic tool organization system to better manage tool requests, needs, and repairs. Also that year, fabrication office space was remodeled to increase all around fabrication efficiency.

Article from City of Appleton’s 100 Year Celebration