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Fox Valley Orthopedic Ambulatory Care Center

Appleton, WI


Flad & Associates



August Winter & Sons was selected to be part of a team to design/build the plumbing system and design/assist the HVAC system for the Fox Valley Orthopedic Ambulatory Care Center. We were actively involved in the preliminary design, scope, and budget, refining the design, scope, and budget and the final guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of the mechanical systems. The August Winter Engineering, Design and Virtual Construction teams worked closely with Affiliated Engineers during the design, coordination, and construction to keep the project on schedule, maximum quality of the mechanical systems and staying under the GMP.

Detailed planning was essential in order for the project to be completed on budget and all scheduled deadlines met. Owner was extremely happy to have a new HVAC / Plumbing system in the most critical area of the building without interrupting their surgery schedule.