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Secura Insurance

Fox Crossing, WI





August Winter & Sons provided preconstruction, design assistance and construction services for the HVAC and Plumbing on a new 300,000 square foot office building. It has four general areas; a North Tower, South Tower, Large Multi-Purpose Room and Central Utility Plant (CUP). There are four floors of occupied space with a mechanical penthouse on top of the North and South Towers. The Multi-Purpose Room and CUP are located at ground level adjacent to the South Tower.

We were awarded this project during the design phase and worked directly with the architect, design engineers, general contractor, and trade partners in a design assist role. During the front end of the project, prior to any construction, an integrated schedule and plan was created to identify opportunities that would provide tremendous value for the owner. During the design phase, cost effective solutions were implemented to help streamline construction schedule and reduce the possibility of rework to installed systems.